The SportsCouncil SV organises for its members frequent "exclusive" VIP sports and tech events, sports startups competitions, executive meetings. Many of our events are hosted by our members (pro teams, tech companies..). 

1. VIP sports and tech events:

These are typically "exclusive" events where you get a chance to connect with top decision makers of top pro teams (NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, European soccer, pro rugby..), accelerate your business and learn about emerging technologies and future trends.

2. Sports startups competitions:

As a sports startup you will get a chance to come and pitch your products in front of pro teams, team owners, VCs, angels, and large tech companies. Our sports startup competitons are hosted by our partners and members.

3. Executive meetings:

These meetings are tailored to our members. We will help set up "targeted" private and exclusive meetings with pro teams (NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, European soccer, pro rugby..), large tech companies, VCs, team owners. We will put you in front of the right decision makers to help you find new customers, partners and investors.

To learn about our upcoming events, or see how we can help you set up private meetings, please email us at