About membership

By investing in this membership you invest in the success of your business

By becoming a member, you will have access to an elite network of sports and tech executives that will help you build relationships, find new customers, and investors in a much faster and cost efficient way. You will also have exclusive access to new technologies, market intelligence reports that will help you make better decisions, improve the recovery time and cut the number of injuries in your sports teams.

Top 7 reasons why you should join the SportsCouncil SV:

1. Access

Get access to top pro teams (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, European soccer, pro rugby..), VCs,  team owners, and top tech executives from the largest tech companies in the world.

2. Relationships

Build long lasting and professional relationships with new partners, customers and investors.

3. Business development.

We put you in front of the right decision makers (pro teams, team owners, VCs, investors, strategic partners) and companies that are likely to buy your product and invest in your company.

4. Save time and money

The elite world of sports and tech can sometimes be very difficult to get into. Based on our exclusive relationships with top sports teams, tech companies and investors, we can accelerate your business development efforts in just a few months, making you save a lot of time and money.

5. Discover new technologies

As a top sports team, we can bring you exclusive products and technologies that will give you a competitive advantage. We will also give our members access to exclusive market intelligence tools (newsletter, debriefs, special reports..) about current and future trends that will impact your business. 

6. Promote and sell your technology and products

We can promote your products through our exclusive and unique channels, events and elite network of sports and tech executives to give you a quick ROI. You will also have access to highly experienced professionals that can help you drive your online sales and give you great media exposure.

7. Strategy

We can help you create a profitable business strategy, and define your product strategy. You will also have the opportunity to work with some of the best sports scientists for top pro teams that can help you refine your product to fit the market demand.

To become a member, please email us at membership@sportscouncilsv.com