Hap Klopp

President & Founder

The North Face

Author & board member (various startups)

Derek Lawrance

Assistant Athletic Trainer

SJ Earthquakes (MLS)

Dan Isaacson

Hollywood fitness coach

Worked with actors like Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, John Travolta..

Pat Etcheberry

World's class fitness coach

Worked with elite tennis players (Agassi, Sampras, Courier, Bruguera, Hingis, Henin..), pro golfers (Ernie Els..), NBA, NFL, MLB players, and soccer teams.

Mark Kovacs

World's class fitness coach

Worked with elite tennis players (John Isner, Todd Martin, Sam Querrey) players. Former Director of Sports Science at the USTA

Steve Gera

Creative officer - Gain Group

Former exec in NFL, Chelsea, Real Madrid

Skylar Richards

Director of Sports Science

Head Athletic Trainer

FC Dallas (MLS)

Dr Ting
Orthopedic surgeon

Worked with Tiger Woods, Yao Ming (Houston Rockets/NBA), Roger Craig (49ers/NFL), 

SJ Sharks (NHL).

Marco Nunez

Head Athletic Trainer

LA Lakers (NBA)

Brian Lee

Director of Rehab

Toronto FC (MLS)

Daniel Hayes Headshot.jpg

Clive Reeves


Strategy and Performance Advisor

(Former Fulham FC / Premier League)

Stephane Marceau


Smart clothing (ex OMsignal CEO) and wearable health expert

Jill Stelfox

Mentor, VP & GM

Location services

Zebra Technologies


Rogdrick Craig


Enrique Pisani

Belgium National volley ball coachWorked for top teams in Italy & Argentina

Khari Stephenson

Former professional athlete and Consultant

Joe Choi


Investor liaison

Sebastien Carbillet

World class professional skydiver

Nicolas Latour

IOT consultant

Fred Schechter


College Sports Liaison