WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE NFL? Combining sensors with AR?

Last week, the NFL made history by inserting sensors into the football during live NFL for the first time. The sensors, manufactured by Zebra Technologies and located under the ball’s laces, can capture information like velocity, acceleration and distance. What's interesting to notice regarding the Zebra/NFL partnership is that for the first time the NFL will furnish each team in the league with data generated by Zebra. These statistics will allow teams to evaluate athlete performance and coaching strategy in new ways. This could also have some major implications on the sports fans experience.

For example, you could imagine a sports team showing the biometric data of players (e.g. speed, acceleration) on the billboard in a stadium or simply offer an AR app that fans could use to see the biometric data of players by pointing at a player on the field. Based on our information, some pro sports teams are already looking at such scenarios and certain leagues are thinking about moving in that direction as well. Read on.

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