For this issue’s exclusive interview, SportsCouncil SV had a chance to have a brief Q&A with Alex Aguiar, the CEO of RecoverX, the winner of our sports startup competition at our LA Sports and Tech event in LA 2 weeks ago.

SCSV: How did you get the idea of RecoverX?

During my last collegiate soccer game with UC Davis, I got injured at an away game against Stanford. On the bus ride back to Davis, the best thing that my athletic trainers could give me was a melting bag of ice. At that moment, I thought to myself, “How are we still relying on ice for cold therapy with all of today’s cutting-edge technology?” I then set out to build a product that could offer athletes cold therapy that was extremely convenient, portable, and did not rely on ice anymore.

SCSV: Who needs your product today? Which markets are you focusing on?

At the moment, the product is targeted for the knee so people who are suffering from a knee injury or chronic knee pain would benefit the most from this product. However, our long term goal is to have a product line that targets multiple body parts so that we will be able to help those who suffer from injuries or chronic pain at different locations on the body.

Currently, the market that we are focusing on are the top athletic teams. We believe that this will not only build credibility around the product, but it will also create brand influence for the markets that we will focus on down the road such as physical therapy and chronic pain.

SCSV: Why should sports teams use your product? What are the benefits of using your product?

One of our goals is to make the lives of athletes and their athletic trainers easier. This product achieves optimum cold or hot therapy temperatures in under 30 seconds, is small enough to fit in a standard bag or backpack, and has a rechargeable battery. This allows athletes and athletic trainers complete portability for treatment on the sideline, bus, or an airplane. In addition, since it is a connected device, we can collect user data and share that data back to athletic trainers in a dashboard to track the accountability and compliance of their athletes.

SCSV: What do you plan to accomplish in 2017?

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a 100 unit pilot with top sports teams within the next few months. We will learn a lot from their product feedback and intend to officially go to market at the end of the year.

SCSV: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs looking to build their own sports startups?

Starting a company is really similar to playing in a competitive sports game. You need to have grit and perseverance in order to be successful.

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