About sponsorship

The success of the SportsCouncil SV would not be possible without the support of its members. Our sponsors have the opportunity to engage with the SportsCouncil SV community (50+ pro teams, VCs, team owners, large tech companies, sports startups, etc.) drive the agenda of our VIP sports and tech events, influence topic meetings, and more.

Top 5 reasons our members sponsor SportsCouncil SV events and meetings:

1. Targeted content

We help you build targeted content that resonates with your targeted customers.

2. Cross-platform marketing

You can promote your products through our various platforms such as meetings, VIP events, weekly newsletter, startup competitions, and executive meetings.

3. Global reach

Through the SportsCouncil SV, you will be able to reach a "global" and exclusive elite world of top sports and tech executives located in North America, Asia Pacific, South America and Europe.

4. Targeted sports, leagues, companies and regions

Through our elite network, you have the opportunity to reach out and promote your products to specific sports, teams, companies, and regions. 

5. Affordable marketing

We will help you put together a cost effective marketing strategy that fits your budget to make sure that you get a good ROI and that your message reaches your targeted audience.

To learn more about our sponsorship packages, please email us at sponsorship@sportscouncilsv.com